Is he your best friend? Or an undercover cop?

The Spied Upon crew has been busy not only with research and filming in the USA and Europe, but also with some public “Sneak Preview” events where we have been invited to support local campaigns by showing early film clips. We’ve also done anti-repression events supporting kindred groups.

Here are just a few random samples of our public events:

19 Nov 2021
The Police in my local group? Online event by Ende Gelaende and others

Multiple local online events or webinars

13 June 2018

Polizeiliche Spitzel – vom Umgang mit dem freundlichen Feind

Regenbogenfabrik, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany

6 Sept 2017

Accountability for State Agents: Protection Against Police Infiltration,
Conference in European Parliament Buildings, Brussels, Belgium

10 Mar 2017
Utopia e.V., Frankfurt O., Germany

6 Feb 2017
Spied Upon with Eamonn McCann, N. Ireland

4 Feb 2017
Coughjordan, Ireland

10 Nov 2015
quasiMono Social Centre/Rote Hilfe,/RLS, Cottbus, Germany

9 Nov 2015
Wroclaw/Breslau, Poland

15 August 2015
Resisting Surveillance, Chaos Computer Camp, Germany

18 July 2014
Lucy Parsons Center, Boston, USA

19 January 2014, with local Grand Jury resisters
The Base, 1302 Myrtle Ave and Stockholm, Bushwick, Brooklyn, 11237 New York

21 February 2014, with former Black Panther Richard Brown, plus EFF, NLG and more
SUDO Room, Oakland, California, USA

In October 2013 Spied Upon did a “Sneak Preview UK” tour with director Kirkpatrick and Merrick Badger, who was a close friend of Kennedy for seven years. Merrick does the fantastic COPS and Bristling Badger blogs.

Event details:

9 October 2013
Vibe Bar, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL

11 October 2013
Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, UK

13 October 2013
Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds, UK

15 October 2013
Forest Cafe, Edinburgh, Scotland

16 October 2013
St. Andrews University, St. Andrews, Scotland

Thanks to those of you who have invited us to your cities for further showings. At the moment, we are working on fundraising and then completing Spied Upon. However, we are happy to support your local anti-repression groups if we can, so contact us if you want a sneak preview clip showing in your town!