Is he your best friend? Or an undercover cop?

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Interest in the people and topics featured in documentary film Spied Upon have grown exponentially, especially since a German court declared spying of UK spycop illegal in Germany in 2022, and the UK government and Metropolitan Police have admitted huge problems with their undercover police and started an official inquiry into the topic in 2015. Director Jason Kirkpatrick and most of those featured in the upcoming film have been getting major national and international press, especially our main characters Sarah Hampton, and Merrick as they campaign to have the Inquiry broadened outside England and Wales. Others featured in Spied Upon and recent press are UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy CorbynBaroness Jenny Jones, German MP Hans-Christian Stroebele, whistleblower former undercover officer Peter Francis, and Kate Wilson of Police Spies Out of Lives, as well as Blacklisted author and secret police target Dave Smith.
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Here is a shortened list of international press excerpts:

After 12 years struggling for justice, a German court has found that British police spy Mark Kennedy operated illegally in Germany. The court victory resulted in massive national coverage in Germany, including across the wire services and national TV.
This win has apparently opened a can of worms in the UK, and the declaration of UK spying abroad to be illegal may lead to further legal actions.
Many media outlets gave updates from 2011 – 2021 about injustice of targeting me for my climate press work, including the Berliner Zeitung, der Freitag, ND, and Frankfurter Rundschau.
This case has had significant impacts on spying, with the German Parliament looking at new UK spy cases in 2019, declaring spy operations of Kennedy questionable, with MP Hunko declaring that the UK Home Office hindered investigation. Jason gave detailed interviews, begans legal action against UK Home Secretary Theresa May to get Germany included in Inquiry, German government insists on inclusion as well: Der Spiegel, Guardian, Tagesspiegel, der Freitag, TAZ, Junge Welt, Jungle World, ND… Jason’s speech at European Union in Brussels detailed on MP website.

N. Ireland:
Jason takes legal action against Theresa May to extend Inquiry to NI, wins in Belfast High Court against UK government. Jason on politically motivated spying in NI on BBC Radio Foyle. Amnesty Int’l back legal action, steps up support for Judicial Review. NI Justice Minister says Inquiry is imperative, ex-Minister Ford acts. Jason raises the case in lecture to European Parliament in Brussels.
More in: BBC, Belfast Telegraph, BBC Radio Foyle, Derry Journal, Police Professional

Republic of Ireland:
Calls go out to extend Inquiry to Ireland, legal action kicks off against Irish Government:
The Times (Ire.), Irish News, Irish Legal News, Irish Central, Irish Parliament

Theresa May denies call for Inquiry in Scotland; Jason, Merrick, Sarah, activists, and politicians demand justice: BBC, Guardian, Scot TV, Scotsman, Herald Scotland, and many more! Scottish Minister Matheson rejects call for a Scottish Inquiry, and activists battle in the High Court.
Undercover policeman seen posing as G8 activist in exclusive footage. Interviews with Sarah, Kate and Jason. STV (Scotland, TV and online).

General background, international and since 2011 beginning:

Judges criticize Met Police after Kate Wilson wins spycops case, Guardian et al, 30 Sept 2021

Manewry w ciemnościach (in Polish), Jason interviewed in Poland,
after being targeted there by Kennedy. 5 Nov 2015

Partner of Police Spy Interview with Kate Wilson, TAZ, 16 Jan 2015
English auto-translation here

Flugumaður njósnaði um mótmælendur Kárahnúkavirkjunar,
feature article on Mark Kennedy in Iceland, with Jason interview, 12 Jan 2015

Freedom of Species Radio interview in Australia, 11 May 2014:
Jason Kirkpatrick – Spied Upon

Jason Kirkpatrick Film “Spied Upon” Digs Into World of FBI Informants,, USA, 14 Jan 2014

Is he your best friend? Or an undercover cop?
Interview by author and journalist Will Potter, 6 Jan 2014.
Spanish translation here, search by date under 7 Jan 2014

New documentary on undercover spies is in the pipeline
Guardian, 7 Oct 2013

Surveillance and spying: “The time to be politically active on these themes is now.
Statewatch interview with Director Jason Kirkpatrick, 2 Oct 2013

BBC Radio Nottingham, Spied Upon, 13 Oct, 2013

 BBC Radio Leeds with Jason Kirkpatrick and Merrick Badger, 12 Oct 2013

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The following sample articles quote Spied Upon Director Jason Kirkpatrick. German language articles can be simply translated with a free online translator such as google translate

Ein Spitzel auf Europatour / A Spy on European Tour
TAZ, 28 Jan 2011

Spying on the Left: Berlin Officials Knew All About British Agent’s Activities
Der Spiegel, 27 Jan 2011

Ein Cop außer Kontrolle / A Cop Out of Control
Der Spiegel, 17 Jan 2011

Undercover police officer ‘could be prosecuted in Germany’
Guardian, 14 Jan 2011

Undercover police officer Mark Kennedy at centre of international row
Guardian, 13 Jan 2011

Hundreds more articles related to the escalating undercover international police spy scandal, including Spied Upon protagonists and Mark Kennedy, can be found on the internet.