Is he your best friend? Or an undercover cop?

I began making Spied Upon the day I found out my “good friend” Mark Kennedy was actually an undercover cop, who had targeted me over a number of years. While governments claim spying is needed to stop terrorists or violent criminals, they have actually spent millions on politically motivated spying against non-violent people and campaign groups. Spied Upon tells the story of people who were targeted by UK undercover officer Mark Kennedy, and had considered themselves to be his closest friends. Merrick Cork, Sarah Hampton and I have also been chosen to be “Core Participants” in the UK Undercover Policing Inquiry, which we campaigned for years make happen. Others featured in Spied Upon are also victims of secret police and are Inquiry Core Participants, such as Dave Smith, Kate Wilson and “Jacqui”. (see more details on our Press page)

While making Spied Upon I’ve done my best to show what it’s like to be targeted by the UK’s most elite secret police at a close up personal level, and the people in Spied Upon reveal shocking stories that need to be heard. Each person adds a crucial piece to the ever clearer picture of modern-day spying that this documentary has pieced together. – Director Jason Kirkpatrick

Below are a few early teaser clips from Spied Upon, which is currently in rough cut phase and working towards release.