Is he your best friend? Or an undercover cop?

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Spied Upon is an upcoming documentary film showing the side of the story of those targeted by secret police, while revealing at a human scale today's complex international spying apparatus, a system that has spun out of control. We are currently fundraising for final shooting and completion.
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"Extraordinary...a terrific story."
-Ken Loach, Director

"A story that gets more shocking with each new revelation. This film lays it all bare."
-Emily James, Director, Just Do It

"Wow, great! Very important."
-Andy Bichlbaum, Director, The Yes Men Fix the World

"The more this is exposed, the better, before we all wind up like Manning,
Snowden or Assange."
-Jello Biafra, Alternative Tentacles...

"Spied Upon provides a unique story of spying on activists - and what's wrong with it."
-Eveline Lubbers, Author, Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark

"With the police, Home Office and authorities closing ranks and most of the mainstream media and politicians unable or unwilling to flex their muscles, this scandal has to be exposed by brave and committed individuals like the makers of Spied Upon."
-Mike Schwarz, award winning solicitor, UK

"I started making this full-length international documentary film after finding out that my good "friend" Mark, was actually UK secret police spy Mark Kennedy. The exposure of Kennedy has blown open the biggest undercover policing scandal in UK history, as it has come out that UK undercover cops, sometimes spying on behalf of private corporations, also had children and then abandoned them with unknowing women activists they had targeted.

My film is coming from the personal perspective of activists, using their stories to blow open the scandal of undercover spying on campaign groups. The story also follows activists as they sue the police in British courts, and fight for radical limits on undercover policing, and struggle for protection of privacy and human rights.

- Jason Kirkpatrick, Director, Spied Upon