Is he your best friend? Or an undercover cop?

Black Helmet Productions has produced a number of documentaries since forming in 2007. It’s largest current project is Spied Upon, a documentary about social activists targeted by undercover police, and exposing today’s complex international spying apparatus.

The Black Helmet team

Jason Kirkpatrick began directing film in California in the 1990’s with 8mm and has filmed documentaries in Asia, North American and Europe.  His films have shown in over 15 countries. Jason co-founded Black Helmet Productions in 2007 and is BHP’s main fire-starter. He co-produced the dvd Action in Asia, and has been active in various libertarian social movements since 1989, including the anti-G8 Dissent! Network. He holds a M.A. in Globalisation Studies, and also served as Vice-Mayor of Arcata, California. Jason is Director and Writer of Spied Upon.

Francesca Andrade grew up between parents from Mexico and Germany. Her lifelong political activism helped ignite a passion for documentaries, and reinforced her commitment to making genuine and provoking films such as her first feature documentary NOISE AND RESISTANCE, which was released by Neue Visionen. She completed her camera training in Berlin and works with Berlin collective AK Kraak. She has recently filmed in Spain, Holland, Russia, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Russia, and the UK. She is the Co-Director and Director of Photography for Spied Upon.

Heino Deckert, German Producer Heino Deckert is the German Producer for Spied Upon. In 1991 he founded Majade Film Production, he runs Deckert Distribution, and has produced over 70 films. Many of these have been premiered at international festivals such as Cannes, Berlinale, IDFA Amsterdam, DOK Leipzig, Visions du Réel in Nyon, and Cinema du Réel in Paris. His recent productions, Don’t Breath and In The Crosswind, premiered recently at North America’s largest film fest in Toronto. Deckert was Chairman of the European Documentary Network from 2006-2008.

Ago arche sqAgostino Imondi received a Crystal Bear Prize for Best Feature Film at the 2010 Berlinale International Film Festival with his film NEUKÖLLN UNLIMITED. Released by Indi Film, Neukölln Unlimited has also received numerous other prizes and been shown at multiple international film festivals from Europe to Vietnam. Starting with a Melbourne community TV station in 2000, Imondi has collaborated with various film groups and grassroots medias, Indymedia Italy, and Berlin-based video activist collective AK Kraak. Agostino is the Film Editor for Spied Upon.

Hans Hafner sqHans Hafner works as a music composer in Berlin, and is the Composer for Spied Upon. He wrote music for the award winning series “Danni Lowinski” (German Television award 2 times), “Allein gegen die Zeit” (International Emmy nominee) and the winner of the Melbourne Webfest 2013 “Mission Backup Earth”. He composes electronic music, orchestral music and songs, and frequently worked for environmental and social causes. Hans is also on the board of the Composers Club, a composers association in Germany.

Ramtin Zanjani was born in Tehran, Iran, and graduated from the University of Pune, India, where he studied documentary film, fine arts and architecture photography. He has also worked in the fields of advertising and industrial photography professionally in Canada and the UK, and has done graphic design, photography and digital camera work with Black Helmet Productions. Ramtin is the Graphic Designer for Black Helmet Productions and Spied Upon, and runs Digital Lie.

Daria Samokhvalova is the web-master for both Spied Upon and Black Helmet Productions. She has a degree in Literature, and is currently studying Film, with a focus on sound. She moved to her current residence of Prague originally to work for the World Carfree Network.

Advisor: Matthias Monroy (Journalist, Activist)

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